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Authors are invited to submit papers for presentation at the workshop, describing original, previously unpublished work, not currently under review by another conference, workshop, or journal.

Papers (no more than 8 camera-ready pages, 10 pt font in IEEE format) should present novel perspectives within the general scope of the workshop.

Papers in excess of page limits shall not be considered for review or publication. Papers are published in the proceedings and IEEE Xplore. All papers must include title, complete contact information for all authors, abstract, and keywords on the cover page.

Paper Formatting and Submission Instructions

Papers must be submitted electronically to EDAS in PDF format, US-Letter size (not A4), with all fonts embedded. (The PDF-A standard complies with that.)

All papers must include title, complete contact information for all authors, abstract, and keywords on the cover page. Please format your submission using the guidelines provided in IEEE_conf_layout.pdf. The guidelines are implemented in the following templates.

You are strongly encouraged to produce your paper with LaTex, since that will lead to consistent typographic quality, and is widely used in scientific publications.

If you are not a LaTex user yet, please use this submission to start:

  • Template for LaTex users including Bibtex-Style:
  • LaTex authors please verify you are using the following documentclass: \documentclass[letterpaper,conference]{IEEEtran}

Only in case you are unable to use LaTex, other text processors may be used at your own risk. IEEE provides a template for Word in US-Letter size. You have to submit a paper that follows the IEEE conference formatting requirements (e.g., font sizes, margins, and layout). Thus, check them really carefully.

Margins must be:

  • Top: 0.75 inch = 1.91 cm
  • Left/right: 0.62 inch = 1.58 cm
  • Bottom 1.0 inch = 2.54 cm

Further important requirements:

  • Title is set in 24 pt non-bold
  • Any running headers/footers or page-numbers must be removed
  • Columns should be balanced, i.e. have same length on each page
  • Blue-underlining for URLs and email addresses should be removed

Authors are required to submit their papers through the EDAS web site in three steps:

  • Creation of a personal account in EDAS (if you are new to EDAS)
  • Registration of the paper following (requiring title and a draft abstract of up to 150 words)
  • Upload of the paper, in PDF format only, updating the abstract, keywords and topics

EDAS will automatically check some formatting requirement, such as embedded fonts, letter size and margins. Authors can always update their manuscripts before the deadline, overwriting the previous one. For help with EDAS please contact the EDAS Administrator via the "Request Help" link at the bottom of each page.

Additional questions can be directed to the WNM Program Chair, Aniket Mahanti and Emir Halepovic.